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Case Studies

Zirconium Crown

Zirconium crown treatment due to crooked teeth

Treatment: Zirconium Crowns
Treatment Duration: 2-3 Sessions, 6 days in Total
Price: Starting from 4000 Euro

Our patient from England was unhappy with the crookedness and color of their teeth. They did not want orthodontic treatment but preferred a quicker solution.

We worked on porcelain restorations supported by zirconium for both jaws.

First Stage: In the first session, as usual, we discussed their expectations and our limitations. The teeth’s preparation was completed, and digital impressions were taken. After hosting our patient in our clinic for two hours, we fitted the temporaries. Temporary teeth are also referred to as provisionals because they reflect the final restorations, and during this time, we also discuss any changes we’ll make in the final restorations.

Second Stage: The second session ensures the infrastructure of the final restorations is ready, and checks like the fit with the gum line are conducted. This session is usually brief. The third session involves the cementation of the final restorations.

One week is sufficient for all these procedures.