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Dental Prosthesis


What is a Dental Prosthesis and When Is It Used?

Full dentures are removable prothesis that sit on the chin and are supported by soft mucosa. When all teeth are lost, collapse of the lips and cheeks, an increase in wrinkles and a clarification in the jaw line are seen. With the total prosthesis, lip and cheek fullness is provided, making the face look younger. In addition, all teeth are aligned to imitate the natural tooth appearance and a beautiful smile can be obtained.

Treatment usually lasts 5-6 sessions, but it can vary according to the frequency of the patient’s visit to the clinic and usually lasts 5-10 days.
Losing some of your natural teeth can cause aesthetic concerns. You may not want to smile when you have a large gap in your mouth due to a few missing teeth. We can help you regain your smile with the advanced technology of prostheses and the professional touch of our dental experts. Partial or full dentures can improve the appearance and function of your teeth. Partial dentures replace a few missing teeth, while full dentures replace all teeth in the upper and/or lower arches. You can contact the nearest Aqua clinic today to arrange a private denture consultation.

Removable prothesis

Removable dentures replace some or all of the teeth to maintain the correct shape of the mouth and teeth and help you eat and speak properly. In partial dentures, your healthy teeth remain, replacing a few missing teeth, but full dentures replace all the teeth in the upper and/or lower arches, but some of their natural teeth remain. Removable dentures can be removed when necessary for cleaning or other reasons, unlike implanted dentures that are fixed to the jawbone. For the most natural appearance, all dentures are custom made in the Aqua clinical dental laboratory with high quality materials designed to look and feel natural.

Dental Bridges

A bridge fills a gap in the teeth with the denture held securely in place by connecting the denture to a crown placed over the natural tooth. There are three main options for bridges depending on the needs of our patients: traditional bridges are a denture that surrounds the pontic on both sides with a crown on natural teeth.

Dental Crowns

Dental crowns cover the entire tooth to repair and protect broken teeth, deep discoloration, significant cavities and other problems. Crowns (sometimes called caps) are strong, durable crowns that fit tightly to the visible part of a tooth when a cavity is too large to be filled or the tooth is broken and needs protection. Crowns can also be used to mask a discolored tooth or add stability to the dental bridge. Crowns can be metal, porcelain or ceramic, depending on the position of the crown. While the posterior teeth often benefit from the extra strength of metal, the visible teeth look better with porcelain or ceramic tinted to match natural teeth.