Aqua Dental Clinic

Digital Dentistry

Digital Solutions That Make You Smile At Aqua Clinics

Digital dentistry encompasses our digital and computer-based technologies we use to examine, diagnose and treat your oral health.

At Aqua clinics, digital technology evolves day by day and our dental professionals benefit from scientifically tested and proven developments in their fields to provide you with the best care.

Digital dentistry constantly offers our dentists ways they can help you faster, safer, more conveniently and more reliably than ever before.


  • Cameras
  • Digital radiography
  • Intraoral scanning and CAD (Computer-aided design) / CAM (Computer-aided manufacturing) technology
  • Digitally guided implant surgery
  • Information Management

Treatment planning

  • Smile design
  • Implant planning and creation of guides
  • Preparation and production of prosthetic teeth in computer environment
  • Taking quick and precise measurements
  • Fast and tissue compatible temporary teeth
  • Caries diagnosis in computer environment
  • Offers the opportunity to use clear aligners instead of traditional orthodontic treatments

Digital dentistry transforms almost every aspect of professional oral care, from the moment you log in to your appointment at Aqua clinics, to the way our dentists evaluate your oral health, to the diagnosis and treatment of any condition or disease you may have, to how our dentists behave. Our physicians follow your process digitally between your appointments and control the progress more easily.