Aqua Dental Clinic

Transparent Plaque Treatment

Freedom to Smile Confidently Without Showing Invisalign That Aligns Your Teeth

Transparent plaque is a different orthodontic treatment approach in which transparent appliances are used to correct crowding. Using three-dimensional computer systems, patient-specific, transparent plaques that move the teeth gradually are produced. The plaques are transparent and you can smile without being noticed during your treatment. Your treatment is continued with a new plate every 2-4 weeks. The number of plaques you will use changes according to the duration of your treatment. The duration of treatment may vary according to the orthodontic condition of each patient.
The plates are movable; It should be worn for 22 hours a day. It can also be a short-term treatment alternative for individuals who have received orthodontic treatment in the past and whose crowding has returned to some extent. It is not possible to treat very severe crowding and skeletal orthodontic problems with these plates.