Aqua Dental Clinic

Case Studies

Laminate Veneers

Laminate veneer treatment to cover the deformation caused by impact dents

Treatment: Laminate Veneers
Treatment Duration: One week
Price: 8000 EURO

Galatasaray’s popular player Mbaye Diagne sought treatment at our clinic due to dissatisfaction with the irregularity and color of his teeth. Laminate veneers were chosen as the treatment option. After three sessions, he achieved a very natural and strong smile.

First Stage: We discussed his expectations and our limitations, deciding on our treatment approach. Phase 1 treatment involved scaling. Necessary abrasions were made on the teeth.

Measurements were taken for the permanent restorations, and temporaries were made.

Second Stage: The prepared permanent restorations were tried on, and decisions were made regarding any changes.

Final Stage: The cementation of the once again tried-on restorations was completed.