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Case Studies

Laminate Veneers

Is it possible to correct crowded teeth without orthodontic treatment?

TREATMENT: Laminate Veneers ( 10 Upper & 6 Lower teeth )
TREATMENT DURATION: 2 Sessions 5 days in  Total
PRICE: 6000 Euro


Mrs. Ayşe and her children are regular patients at our clinic. When Mrs. Ayşe mentioned recently avoiding taking photos because she was uncomfortable with her teeth, the first treatment option we considered was laminate veneers.

PLANNING: As there were no contraindications, we decided to proceed with laminate veneers, with our patient’s request to apply them to the front upper teeth and just whiten the lower teeth.

FIRST STAGE: As with every aesthetic procedure we perform, in the first session we discussed with our patient her expectations, what was possible, and our limitations. She wanted a natural look with her front two teeth being more prominent and longer. In the first session of the treatment, we cleaned tartar and filled cavities. We made minimal abrasions on the teeth to be laminated and took our measurements digitally.

FINAL STAGE: After waiting three days, we tried the veneers in our patient’s mouth, made the final adjustments together, and completed the cementation within a few hours on the same day.